The Ayurveda Philosophy

Ayurvedic medicine [Indian herbo-mineral system] is an ancient most system of medicine in Sanskrit. “AYU’’ means life and “VEDA’’ means knowledge or science so, whole word “AYU:VEDA’’ means “the science or  knowledge of life’’. This contains a comprebensive and complete natural herbo-mineral health care system. Ayurveda combines holistic assessment and diagnosis with dite, exercise and herbo-mineral medication.
Ayurveda is a system about right living and right eating. Ayurveda is a concerned with achieving balance in body and mind by restoring the balance of three elements or factors. VATA, PITTA and KAPHA [air,fire,water] of which the body is made lightness is considered a state of normaly. The unique principle in ayurveda is this: each and every person has his\her own individual body constitution, according to three elements vata,pitta and kapha.