Abhyanga - whole body massage [90 minutes]

It is a traditional massage also commonly called as kerala ayurveda massage [panchkarma treatments ayurveda]. This is a full body massage with warm special ayurveda-oils from Kerala. Abhyanga massage is very deeply relaxing and it makes powerfull recharge and rejuvenater of mind and body, and also every day to keep your bodies balanced healthy and really young. It accumulates stress and toxins in the mind and body dissolve e during this massage, and it helps to control blood pressure and improved digestion removes, negative thoughts from your mind and softer smoother skin and better deeper sleep at night.


Mukabhyanga - facial massage [25 minutes]

Mukabyanga brings abouth deep intensive relaxation and soft stroke moments with almond oil pamper your face and wake up your internal and external beauty and your internal and external beauty will appear from new. I am using for it a very special cream from kerala.


Shiroabhyanga - head massage [30 minutes]

Sheroabhyanga comes from part of ayurveda treatment. The benefit of this massage, deep relaxation, balanced of the nervous system improved and enhanced sensor perception, improved blood circulation the brain, improved hair condition and a good memory powera.


Udvatabhyanga - back massage [30 minutes]

udvatabhyanga is a very deep relaxing Back massage and it is good for the back pain and improves blood circulation and good body condition.


Padabhyanga - foot massage [25 minutes]

ayurveda massage of the feet are a very important part of our body, as many nerves and restores health to many parts of the body. The marma [vital] points are massged which gives balance to your dosha and it is very helpfull for people with insomania , exhaustion and cramp.