The special Art of flower bed making is an art that leads far back in the tradition of India. I´ve learned the special technique from an old wise man in Kerala but developed it and mixed it with creative and energetic Backgrounds. Style,colors and the choice of flowers and blossoms have a special meaning and speak an individual language that enchants.


for weddings – for the brides bed & for romantic opportunities

Flowerbeds for weddings are the origin of the flowerbed tradition. They are a symbol for a new beginning, the start of a new period of life. Flowerbeds are a defined element of an Indian wedding ceremony. The wedding night is also named “Nacht der Vollendung” and my flower beds shall remind the couple about this special meaning.

Most of the time the flowers and blossoms come from the family of the groom. The philosophy of the flowerbed shall give a lot of love and romance on the wedding day but shall also help the couple to start the new period of life relaxed.

The prefered color for wedding flower beds are red and white but I also use other colors that are convinient for the couple.


Flower beds are also perfect for anniversaries and all romantic opportunities.

In addition I also offer  


       Flower beds for birthdays  

       Flower beds if you start a new home



       Presentation for special beds

       Energysing for massage beds or cosmetic bed

       Special hotel service for guests