I want to bring you a special spirit of Indian flower bed and I teach you how to make flowerbeds for special moments in your life. My workshop includes:



         Personal experience 

         Basic Techniques 

         Special Techniques 

         Flower Creativity 

         Theory and Practical 



indian altars

If people from India build up a house, one small room or space  is reserved for the alter. Between 6pm to 7pm god is very strong and close to us. Traditionally we burn oil lamps and bring fresh flowers to the alter place. Pictures  and special symbols are at the center.
In this Seminar I will teach you a tradition Indian style of alter for good energy in your life. It is nice to feel how the relaxing is slowly growing up for it self and the mind becomes calm during this workshop. The family members go for their praying nearly daily ,it is not a duty but we want to pray for good energy and power for the body .
So after we´ve build and altar we will pray together to give honor to god and be thankful for the support that was given to us during the workshop day.
Ill bring all the materials you´ll need.



Flower ring – Haram
Haram means flower-ring. We use them usually at our temples and weddings.  To gods we give the flower necklace for good feelings and make them happy during the wedding we follow an old traditional custom giving each other .This is a symbol for a never-ending-love. I will show you how to make a haram for your self or someone you love or even for your altar, only with special natural material.